! Zine Do-It-Together Strategy Wear: Aprons & Pockets to be available for sale soon   
! Exhibition UNGLOSSING FASHION: Towards alternative narratives on show in Museum Arnhem, 27 June - 2 July 2023   

A full-time overthinker, part-time oversharer and a lifetime inbetweener — Sohyun “JEN” Yoon is a critical fashion researcher/practitioner based in between Rotterdam and Arnhem. 

Her recent project Strategy Wear: Care to Resist (2023) suggests an affirmative alternative in practising care for the self and others through DIY garment-making and community-building in response to the late capitalist demands such as productivity, individuality and beauty standards.

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JAN 2023 -
Collaboration with Angelina Nonaj

Strategy Wear-er-s

MAY 2022 -
Fashion design in living-learning-working

Perhaps It was My Outfit ︎︎︎

MAY 2022
for The Pamphlet Body 02
by Chet Bugter & Andrea Chehade (Eds.)

Do-It-Together Strategy Apron
: Care to Resist

JUN 2023
MA Thesis in Critical Fashion Practices

A Journey to Find The Best Pants ︎︎︎

MAY 2022
during A Body Zine
workshop with Chet Bugter

A Cotton Boll Named Coco ︎︎︎

MAY 2022
Creative Writing for Paratextile Magazine 
by Alessandra Varisco (Eds.)

Strategy Wear 2.0

NOV 2022
DIY Garment-making

(Neutral Face)(Confused Face)(Smirking Face)

MAY 2021
for A Magazine Reader 06
by Hanka van der Voet & Femke de Vries (Eds.)

DIT Strategy Apron: Visualising Care

DEC 2022
Participatory Activity

A Monster of Capitalism

JAN 2021
Creative Writing

: The Untold Journey of a Garment

APRIL 2021
Exhibition Concept development and Prototyping for Schone Kleren Campagne (SKC)

Mundane But Shifting

FEB 2021
during Image Making: A Chain of Decisions
workshop with Vytautas Kumža

Pop The Bubble !

FEB 2021
for Oh Well...Will Be Fine
by MCFP #30

Meme Prep
: Welkom Bij Jennieland

SEP 2020
during Algorythmic Gaze
orkshop with Chinouk Fillique de Miranda